Shri Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2024- History

shri guru ravidas jayanti 2024
  • Stressed on the idea of universal brotherhood and sisterhood.
  • Advocated for the equality of all individuals, regardless of caste, creed, or social status.
  • Emphasized the importance of sincere devotion to the Supreme Being.
  • Taught that true spirituality lies in connecting with God through love and devotion.
  • Criticized the caste-based discrimination prevalent in society during his time.
  • Encouraged people to rise above caste distinctions and treat everyone with respect and love.
  • Advocated for honest labor and hard work as a means to attain spiritual and material well-being.
  • Rejected the notion that one’s social status should determine their worth.
  • Taught the value of humility and selflessness.
  • Encouraged his followers to engage in service to humanity as a way to express their devotion to God.
  • Emphasized the importance of inner purity over external rituals.
  • Believed in a personal and direct connection with the Divine through a pure heart and sincere intentions.
guru ravidas jayanti
Shri guru Ravidas Ji
  • Advocated for compassion towards all living beings.
  • Discouraged violence and emphasized non-violent ways of resolving conflicts.
  • Stressed the significance of spiritual knowledge and understanding in leading a purposeful life.
  • Encouraged seekers to pursue spiritual wisdom to attain enlightenment.
guru ravidas jayanti aarti lyrics

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